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Thankyou so much for visiting! I hope you will enjoy viewing Marion Ringelben's babies. Each baby has handsculpted Head, hands and feet, and has a weighted cloth body that feels ooh soo real! They are given realistic glass eyes, wonderful mohair wigs, and are given natural coloring.Marion pays attention to the smallest of details to capture the innocence of the little child.
Marion Ringleben lives in Germany with her husband and children. She is always creating babies to make available for adoption. Please visit often.
PLEASE send in photos of your adorable littleones!
If you would like to have your baby be Star of the week or have a Photo of the week you would like to submit PLEASE send to katandia@surfbest.net! WE look forward to hearing from you!

Marion would love to hear what you think of her babies! Please sign my guestbook, and feel free to email me with any questions or comments you may have.
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HOWDY friends! The site was updated June 8,2002! WE have a new Star of the week and NEW photo of the week! Dont forget to submit those photos!!! Check back often as new pictures will be added soon!

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